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Payment systems:
ddos protection
Plans: 0.16% - 0.5% daily for 3 - 15 months
Min deposit: $50
Max deposit: $∞
Referral: 3%
Withdrawal: Instant
RCB offer:1 562 views [150 clicks] Reviews: 001
Domain: is registered for a 4 years by NameCheap, Inc.
[from Jul 20,2021 to Jul 20,2024]
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United States

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Here's what it says on the website:

We are committed not only to transforming the way people trade on exchanges, but also to reimagining how people manage their finances on a daily basis, in a more secure and decentralized manner. The pinnacle of DEX design, our Exchange combines the best features of both AMM and orderbook DEXs and will engage users to trade and provide liquidity in a totally new, more profitable way.DEX is destined to become the most powerful decentralised exchange on the market, bringing such features that both traders and liquidity providers will enjoy: Adoption of ERC721 and ERC1155 standards on our DEX will enable our company to add more assets available for users to trade, such as tokenized shares of public companies, valuable metals(gold, platinum) and NFTs. In the highly fragmented crypto market, liquidity is a scarce resource for which many exchanges and issuers are paying dedicated providers, otherwise known as market makers. We introduce a new community-based liquidity solution to address the significant crypto-market price inefficiencies amidst fragmented centralized exchange markets: using our one-stop hub, clients can provide their digital assets into the pool and earn optimal yield in the variety of markets and exchanges. Our Market Making Pool maintains a public program that rewards market makers through direct compensation, meaning that participants receive a periodic fee in exchange for providing certain amounts of reliable liquidity during that period. We utilize a referral airdrop program in order to attract more publicity to our platform and convert these clients into market makers. Existing Market Makers receive a referral airdrop reward for the liquidity provided by their referrals. In order to incentivize long-term liquidity provision, we have established an exit fee for clients who want to remove their liquidity from the pool before the locking period ends. Current exit fee is equal to 40% of provided liquidity. Progressive decentralisation can only be achieved by giving the governance power back to the people. With the right governance structure built-in, DSTo is unstoppable. Token holders will have both the power and economic incentive to decide the direction of the future of Deximum Platform. DSTo bonding curve is based on excessive target collateralization, meaning that each minted DSTo is backed with more digital assets than the actual token's price. Current collateralization rate is fixed at 350%. Blockchain-based charity solution enables nonprofit organizations to receive and exchange their cryptocurrency donations into fiat currencies. With this product we want to transform people’s perception of charity and simply make the world a little bit better place for everyone to live. Our company has a strict “Zero Profit” policy on donations made via this Platform. All the donated funds are sent directly to charity organizations, we even cover the transaction fee. We make sure to commence extensive background checks on all non-profits that want to be featured on our Platform. All the organisations available on the Platform employ the highest funds transparency standards. Our global goal lies in broadening our services to more demographics and providing the underbanked people with a full set of decentralised financial services. DeFi SuperApp is our way to empower global transformation to cryptocurrencies. It is a SuperApp built on the basis of the existing platform that will provide users with: Permissionless platform for uncollateralized lending opens a truly new way of earning on your crypto: individual clients will be able to provide their funds to be borrowed and earn on fixed-size, fixed-term, fixed-interest rate loans on the blockchain. Deximum Visa prepaid cards will provide a one-click solution for users who want to instantly get their funds from any Visa ATM worldwide. In order to deliver a truly ultimate product, we plan on partnering with media holdings and avia companies to provide our users with Cashback functionality and Flight Rewards! NFTs will be created utilizing ERC721 and ERC1155 security token standards which have been adopted worldwide. Inclusion of security tokens on our Platform will allow users to publicly create their own non-fungible tokenized assets and distribute them in a permissionless manner via an auction system.
Deximummarket price inefficiencies amidst fragmented centralized exchange markets:based charity solution enables nonprofit organizationshighly fragmented crypto marketcommence extensive background checksdeximum visa prepaid cardsmarket making pool maintainshighest funds transparency standardsexisting market makers receivereferral airdrop rewardvisa atm worldwideempower global transformationuncollateralized lending opensbased liquidity solutionpowerful decentralised exchangeglobal goal liescurrent collateralization rateexcessive target collateralizationinterest rate loansrewards market makersgovernance structure builtpaying dedicated providersreferral airdrop programgovernance power backdsto bonding curvecreated utilizing erc7earn optimal yieldtransform people&rsquodecentralised financial serviceslocking period endscurrent exit fee55 security token standardsfungible tokenized assetscrypto: individual clientsterm liquidity provisioncharity organizationsmarket makersclick solutionexchange combinessignificant cryptoexit feetokenized sharespricedeximum platformflight rewardspublic programmarketsliquidity providerssecurity tokensadopted worldwidesuperapp builtexisting platformparticipants receiveactual tokentoken holderstransaction feeperiodic feeliquidity providedprogressive decentralisationincentivize longfull setprovided liquiditydefi superapppeople manageauction systemeconomic incentivepermissionless mannerreliable liquiditydonated fundsdigital assetspublic companiesvaluable metalsdirect compensationscarce resourcefiat currenciescashback functionalityavia companiesmedia holdingsenjoy:adoptionstrict &ldquounderbanked peoplecryptocurrency donationsstop hubminted dstopublicly createdecentralized mannerdonations madeprofit&rdquomarketdaily basisultimate product:permissionless platformsimply makeplatform employbasedengage usersprovide liquiditypeople tradeorderbook decharityexchangeprovide users55 standardsreceiveearnfundserc7poolperiodliquidityassetstermpowerdstoservicespeoplemakeclientsproductplatformbasistradeusersprovidede

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Registrar : NameCheap, Inc.

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Created :2021-07-20
Expires :2024-07-20
Updated :2021-07-20

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