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Firefox Add-on

Not everyone can keep HYIP monitors open and in front of them every single second of every day. Maybe you have work you need to concentrate on or you'd like to watch a movie. The perfect solution for those times you want to monitor HYIPs while navigating to other parts of the web is add-ons.

When you install the toolbar, you'll receive instant notifications about the statuses of your favorite HYIP. See every time there is a successful payout so that you continue to feel confident in your event. You'll also receive a notification when there's a problem or a report of non-payment. This is bad news, but it's better that you learn about it ASAP so that you can quickly decide what you're going to do next.

The toolbar is a great tool because it allows you to go on with your business and your day, without having to neglect your investments. You can continue to check email, browse social media, do homework, watch videos, and more, all while the add-on keeps you apprised as to what's happening to the HYIPs that you follow.

Can't be distracted at the moment? The add-on has a convenient enable/disable feature that allows you to shut it off temporarily without having to uninstall it. Turn off notifications when you go into an important meeting or need a break. When you're ready to be back in the know, just turn them back on.

The browser add-on is safe and effective, and it's compatible with a variety of Firefox versions. There's no cost to use the add-on, so there's really no reason not to give it a try. You never know what big news you might miss without it. add-on is easy to use. At any time, while surfing the HYIP website, it will show you at the moment the program status for all monitors, so that you won't need to search statuses on the different monitors.
Mozilla Firefox (32.* - 77.*) versions are compatible.
Mozilla Firefox (3.* - 57.*) versions are compatible.
  • Real-time program status Paying, Problem, Not Paid! Be up on every second!
  • Enable/Disable feature! (without uninstalling) By one click you can temporarily disable the add-on when you don't need it or when you just surf the Internet.
  • Add to Firefox(3.* - 57.*)
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The most cost-effective investment program you can find is HYIP or High Yield Investment Program. All of these programs are run on the web, so it is easy to come upon a scammer. The typical scam scheme they use is called Ponzi. It is a HYIP that promises bizarre interest rates, that are paid with the money of the other investors, and not by actual earnings. This scheme operates until the flow of new investors stops, not allowing the scammers to continue the extraordinary payments. Then this High Yield Investing Program blows up like a bubble.
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