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Bitwolf +
Added: Dec 10,2019 00:04
Closed: May 21,2020
Payment systems:
ddos protection
High Risk
2 Not Paying
votes: 000
Payouts: 130-150% after 24 hours
Withdrawal: instant
min deposit: $1
max deposit: $2000
referral bonus: 10-2-1%
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Invested ROI(%)
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Last Payout Added
+ MonitoringVip
32 not paid
23 May 2020
10 USD - - -
20 May 2020
+ HYIPStop
8 not paid
21 Dec 2019
100 USD 10.00%
10 USD
- -
21 Dec 2019
1 year ago
10 Dec 2019
Total Invested:110 Returned:10 USD

#Raw Text
Bitwolf The BitWolf Online is an international investment company majoring in advancing of binary options companies. We have gathered the team of professionals who base all their ideas on many years of experience and impeccable knowledge of the market. Every startup company that we choose to buy is thoroughly analyzed by the team of BitWolf Online by lots of parameters and only after that we make a decision to buy and improve it. All this process requires good deal of time as well as intellectual and financial investments. In order to do this work, our team consists of managers, analysts, researchers, sellers and support service staff that provide support to our investors. Finding a good and promising startup company is a complicated challenge. Not any new company is a startup one. They are those that are technology-oriented and develop extremely rapidly bringing huge profits to their investors. Financing of startups is always prone to high risk. And the more hopes there are to receive profits, the higher are the profits, the higher is the probability of a fiasco in these startups. Yet with the right management and a well thought out business strategy all the possible risks can be avoided. In order to make the final decision regarding investing into one project or the other it is necessary to have an idea about the niche of the business where this startup will be functioning in. It is necessary not only to calculate the financial profits, but also the probability of losing money.

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The most cost-effective investment program you can find is HYIP or High Yield Investment Program. All of these programs are run on the web, so it is easy to come upon a scammer. The typical scam scheme they use is called Ponzi. It is a HYIP that promises bizarre interest rates, that are paid with the money of the other investors, and not by actual earnings. This scheme operates until the flow of new investors stops, not allowing the scammers to continue the extraordinary payments. Then this High Yield Investing Program blows up like a bubble.
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