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Plans: 6.5% daily for 22 Days -- total 143% ROI (Principal Included)
Min deposit: $0.004 BTC ; 100 TRX, 15 USDT; 0.15 LTC; 150 DogeC
Max deposit: $∞
Referral: 10%
Withdrawal: Manual
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06 Jul 2022
$200 3907%
7814 USD
03 Jul 2022
1 year ago
problem » not paid
1 year ago
15 Jan 2022
1 year ago
+ List4hyip 10
not paid
09 Jul 2022
$180 126%
226.8 USD
02 Jul 2022
1 year ago
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1 year ago
16 Apr 2022
1 year ago


Here's what it says on the website:

QUANT EXPRESS is a next generation investment platform designed to democratize algorithmic trading on digital asset exchanges. The digital money industry is not only transforming the markets we are used to, but also rapidly adopting their technological advances. Algorithmic cryptocurrency trading is gaining momentum today. QUANT EXPRESS is a platform on which any user can easily make high profits. We propose to take on the most difficult part of investment management, risk assessment and leave you the most pleasant thing - making a profit. QUANT EXPRESS is completely focused on the cryptocurrency market. With the QUANT EXPRESS investment platform, most beginners can appreciate automated trading and the benefits associated with it. A user-friendly and user-friendly interface created by high-class specialists makes it easy and simple to start earning a high income of 6.5% within 22 business days. QUANT EXPRESS updates its algorithm from time to time to keep abreast of various advances in this area. Not only the cryptocurrency market is developing, but also technology. Our goal is to build a widespread global partner network. To this end, we provide special conditions for our partners. We offer an excellent opportunity to earn in the Internet, regardless of your geographical location and core business. To enjoy this opportunity, you only need to place a referral link and/or animated (image) banner on your website (you can find all promotion materials in "Dashboard" section "My Team"). The field of investment with high profit always implies the presence of certain risks. It is important to understand that the purchase of any equivalent digital media carries reasonable risks. Your deposit can not be returned. Cryptocurrency Trading, implemented in QUANT EXPRESS LTD, is associated with financial risk and may not be suitable for all investors. The information provided herein is for fact-finding and educational purposes only and should not be construed as an offer or solicitation of the purchase or sale of any financial instrument in QUANT EXPRESS LTD or elsewhere. All decisions to purchase digital media that you take are solely your responsibility. QUANT EXPRESS LTD tools include a fund management area, internal transactions, futures on the cryptocurrency stock market, and economic events. The work of QUANT EXPRESS LTD can be unstable, and investors risk losing their investment in any transaction. However, QUANT EXPRESS LTD developed a unique multi-level insurance system in which 30% of all deposited funds were transferred to a fully managed and controlled CR security fund ("Cold Reserve" means storing cryptocurrency in several "Cold-Wallets"). This amount is deducted automatically from our profit and does not affect the profit of our investors. The only type of risk that should be taken into account is a force that is not related to the currency rate of cryptocurrency, namely natural disasters (flood, fire, hurricane, etc.). Users involved in activities against QUANT EXPRESS LTD may be blocked without prior notice.
Quant.expressequivalent digital media carries reasonable riskswidespread global partner networkcontrolled cr security fundeasily make high profitsgeneration investment platform designedpurchase digital mediadigital money industrydigital asset exchangesgaining momentum todaylevel insurance systemclass specialists makesprovide special conditionsdemocratize algorithmic tradingmeans storing cryptocurrencyfund management areafriendly interface createdalgorithmic cryptocurrency tradingcryptocurrency stock marketinvestors risk losingpress investment platformcryptocurrency tradinginvestment managementcryptocurrency marketautomated tradinghigh incomeinternal transactionscore businessreferral linkstart earningbusiness daysgeographical locationunique multieconomic eventsdeducted automaticallyfully managedpromotion materialscurrency rateusers involveddifficult partrisk assessmentfinancial instrumentrapidly adoptingeducational purposesprior noticeinformation providedpleasant thingfinancial risknatural disastersdeposited fundstools includecompletely focusedtechnological advancesexcellent opportunitycold reservehigh profitriskspress updatesplatformhighcryptocurrencyinvestmentareafriendlyriskinvestorspurchaseadvancesopportunitycoldpressprofit

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