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Mind Capital
Added: Nov 23,2020 23:57
Closed: May 04,2022 [526 days]
Payment systems:
ddos protection
1 Not Paying
since 04 May 2022
votes: 000
Payouts: Daily return of between 0.5 and 1.5%
Withdrawal: Manual
min deposit: $100
max deposit: $∞
referral bonus: Up to 30% - 10 Level
Forum(s): MMGPPC
687 views [9 clicks]
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[from Jul 16,2014 to Jul 16,2029]
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04 May 2022
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2 months ago
23 Nov 2020
1 year ago

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Host :
Registrar : 1&1 IONOS SE

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Created :2014-07-16
Expires :2029-07-16
Updated :2020-04-28

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Problematic HYIP & Scam
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Tmt Finance Limited
Closed: 1 day ago
The most cost-effective investment program you can find is the High Yield Investment Program or HYIP, Most of these programs run on the web, so it is easy to come upon a scammer. The typical pyramid scheme they use is called Ponzi, which promised high-interest rates are paid from the next investor's money and not by actual earnings. This scheme operates until the flow of new investors stops, not allowing to continue payments, then this High Yield Investing Program blows up like a bubble.
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